"The Solitray is the solution to current plastic trays that warp and bubble over time. It fits 3 roll ups, 5 pints, 2 wine glasses and we can stack some water glasses on top. The handle is great as it prevents the tray from tipping if you get bumped walking through the crowded restaurant. You can also rest it on your forearm, allowing for a heavier load and taking the strain off your arms! As a server it makes my job A LOT easier!" -- The Jeffrey Craft Beer and Bites , NYC

"I love it. It worked perfect" -- Michele, Hearthstone Bar and Grill, NJ

"I got my Solitray last night and used it when I was preparing dinner and then setting the table and clearing the table. I used it to get my supplies from the pantry to my kitchen and it worked perfectly! The handle on the bottom is designed so that you can hold a full tray with one hand. It left my other hand free and i was able to multi-task like never before. All the dishes, utensils and cups for a family of four fit perfectly with room for more. My only compliant is that I didn't order more!"  -- Nancy H., NJ

"Just wanted to tell you that I love my Solitray. I use it not just for serving drinks but for carrying empty plates, cups and saucers. What a great design for preventing spillage and breakage, and it's such a time saver. Thank you for designing such an innovative serving tray." -- Carmen, Long Island, NY

"I love the Solitray! It's a great new invention that solves many of the issues related to cleaning up and carrying too many things from the table. I never thought that the tray industry was an industry where someone would come up with an idea to create disruption but the Solitray does just that. I think anyone using traditional-type trays-- whether it be at home in the kitchen our out on the deck, or a restaurant/bar server in a crowded space-- needs to seriously consider making a change. And the price just can't be beat. I highly recommend it!" -- Adam F., MT

"We started to use the solitray to bus tables in the school cafeteria. The design enables students and adults to manage a lot of flatware, dishes, and cups in a sensible, sturdy and smart fashion. The solitray has made a big difference in our ability to efficiently clear and serve. Well done!" -- Dan F., Assistant Head of School, Trevor Day School, NYC                                                            

"I'm a teacher and use Solitray to organize and store my art supplies. I can easily walk around the room and hand out whatever I need to without having to walk back and forth to the supplies. Plus, it's sturdy and reliable enough for me to allow one of my students to hand things out, too."  -- Jennifer, NYC. 10/24/16

"We just received our order, just wanted to say thank you for your help and it is perfect... exactly what we where looking for! Suggestion, many funeral homes all over serve coffee and drinks to families, so you might want to add that industry to your marketing outlook 😉 " --  Windy, Brown's Memorial Funeral Home, TX 7/15/17

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